Which doors are most energy efficient?

Energy Efficiency & R-Value

When looking for the most energy-efficient door for your house, look for the Energy Star logo. The Energy Star logo ensures the door has been lab-tested to meet energy-efficient standards. An Energy-efficient door has excellent thermal insulation properties. The ‘R-Value’ is how the door is measured for energy efficiency, the higher the R-Value the more energy-efficient the door will be.

Energy Efficiency & Material

Fiberglass and steel doors without an insulating foam core will have a value of R-5 or R-6. Compare that a wood door which may have a rating of only R-1 or R-2. Also, things like weatherstripping can affect a door’s draft performance.

Energy Efficiency Zones

In Canada, Energy Star recently issued one rating across the country. As energy standards have changed, ensure you ask if your door meets these requirements. Learn more about energy efficiency.

Replacement Door Costs

How much is in your budget to spend?

Higher energy efficiency can cost more money, but pays for itself through saved energy costs over time.

More features cost more money. A secure fibreglass front door with a large window is a larger investment than an entry level fibreglass door.

Larger replacement doors are more expensive due to the cost of materials. If your entryway is wide and tall, you can expect a modest price increase over standard sizes. 

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