3 Ways To Make Your Door Energy Efficient

What You Need To Know About Entryway Energy Efficiency

Almost all entry doors look relatively similar. Other than the differences like style and colour, you may find yourself looking at two doors side by side and wondering – 

“Why does one cost so much less than the other?”

The Most Obvious Fix:
Replace Old Doors

If your home is older, chances are the exterior doors have not been replaced in quite awhile. Newer door models are designed to fit into place better and therefore, provide more insulation to the home.


A Money Savy Fix:
Add a Storm Door

Replace screen doors with a storm door for added insulation and energy savings. Screen doors do not provide any additional insulation, leaving your home vulnerable to energy loss.

A Quick Fix:

Applying weatherstripping around the doors in your home can help prevent air leaks that cause energy losses. Be sure to choose a type of weatherstripping that will last well with the amount of foot traffic that passes through your door.

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