How To Clean Your Entry Door

Door Cleaning Tips

A few times a year, take some time to thoroughly clean your exterior doors on both sides – spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity

How you remove dirt from the door matters as well, so follow these tips:

Step 1: Put down the S.O.S Pad

Steel & Fiberglass Doors

For cleaning steel and fiberglass doors, choose a gentle cleaner, such as diluted dish soap.

Work on one area of the door at a time – Avoid using abrasive tools, as they can scratch your door, leave marks or peel protective coatings. Do not scour the door, lint-free cloths or sponges are ideal.

Along with regular cleaning, make sure you clean up spills right away to avoid staining the door.

Our favourite soap is DAWN.


– Prevent water from pooling anywhere on the door – use as little water as possible and absorb excess liquid with a cloth.

– Use a household glass cleaner or a vinegar and water solution on glass panels and wipe with paper coffee filters for a streak-free finish.


– Don’t use a power washer or garden hose to rinse the door, as doing so can cause water to enter your home through the seams.

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