Front Door Energy Efficiency & Why

What You Need To Know About Entryway Energy Efficiency

Almost all entry doors look relatively similar. Other than the differences like style and colour, you may find yourself looking at two doors side by side and wondering – 

“Why does one cost so much less than the other?”

Why Should You Care About Energy Efficiency?

  • Energy-efficient entry doors can reduce your overall heating and cooling costs by upwards of 10% annually.
  • Energy-efficient entry systems also protect the floors and furniture of your home by reducing UV sun damage to your home, which can cause your interior to lose its colour over time.
  • Energy-efficient entry systems can also protect your home against break-ins and keep traffic noise down since they’re made with high quality insulation and materials.

Energy Efficient Doors Have A Tight Fit And Sealed Weatherstripping

  • Sill
    Our custom sills ensure that your entry system lines up perfectly with your door and that the entry system is fully supported. The sills we use come with thick aluminum extrusion and an outswing sill that prevent moisture from entering your home.
  • Sweep
    The Door sweep sits at the bottom of the door and lines up with the sill. The sweep is made with 10 fins (compared to 6) to keep out wind and rain.
  • Weatherstripping
    Our doors come complete with weatherstripping along with the post, and why our doors are shipped and built as complete units. In doing this, we can ensure a completely sealed system using both magnetic and compression technology.

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